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Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Welcome home.

erin yamabe

hi becky,
wonderful seeing you at the show! you are just beautiful, just like your work! i hoped you liked our goodies at MLS, and kristin sends you big hugs over the blog land air!
have a happy thursday!


I forgot where you were! DUH!! I missed you too! Glad you had a good time and are home safely. I'm looking forward to your comments and photos :))

stephanie Howell

i LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you. you are an absolute doll.

angie b.

wait. what? jane seymour was there?!? we totally missed her! awwwww boo.

it was so great to finally meet you, becky. you are just the sweetest and i adore you.
i will send you some photos as i as get organized myself. ;)

have a wonderful weekend!
angie backen


omw becky you were in the SAME ROOM as PARIS HILTON!?!?!?


I need to get in the same buisness as you!

Glad you had fun, and cant wait to see pics!


susan m

Becky - it was good seeing you at the show. I couldn't believe you remembered me. It made me feel special. Thank you.

heather fuentes

i think i said this already but it was SO great to finally meet you in person. you are amazing! xoxo.


Welcome Back Becky! I have missed your posts! I was supposed to go to CHA but didn't work out... so disappointed! I could have met you! Maybe next time!


she's classic!! i've always loved her.

laura shelton

We've missed you too! Glad you had a good time, but so good to have you back at "bloggy" home!

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