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i cant wait till i go to Nebraska and see the rest of your studio! ( and house! )

its always just so fun and cute looking! i want to like jump into the computer and be THERE!

tell Griffin i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



oh ya, i couldn't agree more with you and the whole texting thing! so rude......


read a great book by cymbala a few years ago -fresh wind, fresh fire or something like that. worth your time. enjoy those kids they grow up fast (sarcasm intended) I appreciate when someone appreciates the life of a mother with lots of little ones. gotta admit - i could easily get addicted to texting -


sorry - the whole "grow up fast" comment is a pet peeve of mine. I don't find it encouraging when people say it.


I agree with texting, but that's a big way for me and DH to communicate. We do draw the line at dinners, church (are you kidding me? that seems so sacreligious!) and movies, etc...however, at home or when we need to get in contact and can't we use it. In fact, when we get new phones I would like one with the keyboard :)
happy birthday to Griffin! My Q turns 4 the end of the month.


I agree - texting is out of control - as is cell phone use! This is our son: Christmas (celebrated on the 27th) at our house, he's an engineer and is on call, we are opening gifts and enjoying the little ones, he's on the couch and on the phone to some tech company, dealing with issues (big ones, according to him!). I wasn't impressed but I understand when he's on call and at least he was in the room with us!! I don't like the fact that one is now available to your company 24 - 7 - 365!!

Our Bible study group is doing a study on prayer too!! But we are having a hard time getting together - need to change that somehow. Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday, G! After the sudden surgery last Friday, our Silas is doing fine now. It's hard to be a grandmother some days!!


i so agree on the state of my work space. as long as it's semi-orderly, i can function in there. when it's pristine, i am dying to go in...but it just doesn't stay that way for long. as long as it's not total chaos, i'm good. happy thursday, becky!


c is here dancing to the music on your blog :) and now i'm adding you to my google reader so i can keep track of you!

kerry lynn

makes me so happy
to see and hear
he's doing so well becks!


Hi Becky. I was blog-hopping tonight and landed on yours. I recognized your picture, I think we met in Second Chance antiques and chatted a bit while I was in Nebraska for Silver Bella. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Rachael Giallongo

14000 isnt really that many texts in a month.... I can't believe that was on the news, LOL


Texting during church is wrong.
It's gone too far!
Also--no froofroo coffee drinks in the can make it one hour without Starbucks.

We are much too relaxed in our etiquette these days. I don't care how old I sound. It's true.


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