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Judi Robinson

Hey, I get a gold star :) So glad to hear Griffin is doing ok, It is amazing how quickly life gets put into perspective isn't it. Painful, yet somehow we are much better because of it, truly a God thing.
Thanks for sharing. Judi

tara pollard pakosta

thank you for your wonderful friendshiP!
love ya!


you blow me away....seriously!
I loved that was sent to me from 2 different friends about a week and a half ago....I now have her book, that I will begin to read by this weekend.
What you say about taking on other's "stuff" is so so me...and it ends up consuming me and literally, at times, making me sick. It's hard, because we are people who care, who love, and who embrace others.
Hugs Becky!

vicki chrisman

I'm wearing my gold star... proudly!


Thanks - honestly - for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate reality from a person. Also, love the thoughts about taking on other peoples "stuff". Gotta let your thoughts roll around in my head -


real people.
love them.

kim Scrap to my lu

Becky, I've missed the past few days. I can only imagine how worried you are for your grandson. If it makes you feel better, I know a gal who had a virus in her knee. It all healed up fine after a week or so. Very odd ordeal.
I hope he's feeling better faster than lightening. Keep us posted.


so glad Griffin is doing good! How true this post is! I LOVE it! What a great reminder! Have a wonderful day!

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