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He's so cute! Sending you more positive thoughts! :)


great post, becky. Thanks for sharing and so glad we got to meet although too briefly at Silver Bella. (is that baby for sale? I want him). sending love, rebecca


We'll keep your little guy in our prayers. Health concerns in a little one can be so, so scary. Also, loved what you said about making amends. I need to do that and not sure how to go about it. It's more complicated than just an "I'm sorry". I love checking your blog each day-you always have such good things to say and share. Thanks for doing that!

melissa deakin

glad you are feeling better.
i'm praying for all of you.
love those photos of grey...he is beyond precious!

erin yamabe

hi becky,
that is so true, you are so right on about letting anger and/or resentment go. it is so much more healthy. i've started working out consistently now, and it sure does feel great. good for you- hope to see you at cha again!
love and blessings,


how do you get greyson to smile like that! he is the smiliest baby i have ever seen! what a cutie! i couldn't agree more on how he looks like his brothers... :)


So glad you are having a better day...I love your honesty and your sincerity - your family is truly blessed to have you in their lives! I so enjoy reading your blog because you are so real! I, too, have made it my resolution this year to see life through a different lens...trying to simplify my life, reduce the clutter, and spend more quality time with my entire family. The past few years I have really taken life for granted, and it's time to slow down and enjoy God's beauty!! Thanks for the inspiration, Becky!


He is just precious! Love that age, just adorable! Enjoy your day today!

lisa truesdell

holy moly, G is SO a clone of his big bros.. and sooooooooo cute. =)

Rachael Giallongo

He is so darned precious!

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