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I agree about the lovedare. I keep telling Chuck I want to pick the book up at Target. :)


Very nice! I wish organization came naturally for me, too. I've been in decluttering mode, too, and it feels good! And like you said, it takes time. Best wishes on your endeavors, Becky!

Tracy Schmitt

You must have read my mind...thank you for this post. This weekend, I decided that I would have a spring sale also because there's some really "good stuff" that I think I could sell and feel good about that. Even cleaning out a single drawer would be an accomplishment :) Thanks for posting this and I'm ready for a "clean sweep" too. Have a great day!


Oh. The stuff I need to list is getting bigger and bigger and I can't wait to get started on it. Maybe if I do some spring cleaning and organizing spring will come sooner :)


Love the motivational blog! Great list! I'm packing so I need to keep in mind that if I don't find joy in it, it needs to go to Goodwill. :)

erin yamabe

hi becky,
love those cups! stephanie had them on her blog too. where to find them?
i sent you an email this morning. please let me know if you didn't get it.


I've never thought of it that way, but I'm kind of a Clean Sweep organizer too. Maybe THAT'S why I can't seem to get my closet completely cleaned out...I'm trying to scoot everything around! AHA!

: )



Where did you get those owl mugs...? I just love them. Please email!

Thanks, Jane Fuehrer
Corona, CA

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