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Just wanted to pass along a hug.
Loved this post and love these pics!
I accidentally deleted your email via typepad...Johnny is a chiropractor but also a firefighter with our town's fire dept...but on call only. He is trained but, obviously, it's more of a passion thing than a he gets to do 2 things he loves :) Lucky guy!

maggie Holmes

hi Becky! i always love reading your detailed posts!!

can you tell me where her blue shirt is from? i love it!! thanks!!

tara pollard pakosta

harper is so adorable! and is growing up way TOO FAST!


I love how you write on your blog...whatever is on your mind. That's one reason I love to read. I think as women our minds are all over the place and you touch on many of the same things I'm feeling or interested in! ;)Our daughter is out of the nest and our son is still at home finishing college but is gone a good amount of time so I can certainly relate to being very content at this stage of my life too. :D Oh, and I've been cleaning out and purging too so I loved yesterday's post! Thanks for sharing your life! :)


we're a danny house here as well - i swear if tatiana gets through you'll here my scream from here...


Great post Becky! Love the shots of your little munchkin! Have a great day!


i cant believe that tatianna ( or however you spell it ) actually did good on AI last night! what a shocker... Cant wait till tonight to watch more... :)

Love the harper shots... still her #1 fan :)



is that harper? i didn't recognize her with her clothes on. :) Such a cutie!


prov 4:23- What translation did you quote the other day? Thanks. Norma.

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